Our set menu is changed every 2 months.  4 course  or just choose as a la carte.

To start    

Sushi - A traditional Japanese dish of seasoned rice wrapped in seaweed with seafood and vegetable fillings.
Sushi is not just about raw fish! £5.40

Followed by a choice of:   3 choices

Tsukune - Chicken &sweet potato cake with Teriyaki sauce £6.95        

Tuna gyoza - Tuna dumpling with crispy bottom £6.50  

Harumaki - Crispy roll with vegetable & green bean noodle filling £5.95

Followed by a choice of:   5 choices

Katsu curry - breaded pork with Japanese curry sauce £16.95

Yakiniku - Sirloin steak with Garlic  sauce  £18.95

Tori misozuke - Chicken marinated with lime,garlic,mirin & miso £16.95

Yakisakana - Fish of the day  £17.50

Vegetarian dish of the day  £13.95 - please ask

All with rice and traditional Japanese vegetable

To finish:   

Japanese style dessert - Green tea tiramisu & Azuki bean ice cream £4.95


Warm Japanese sake - £8.20 per pot
Japanese plum wine liquor
- £3.95 per glass
Japanese roasted brown rice tea and Green tea -£2.50

Wednesday to Saturday: 
Four courses (including Sushi starter) £28.50 (steak £2.00 extra)

Open   7  PM   open early on request

Traditional Bento  to go  £12.00 order by 6:00 pm (Wedensday to Saturday) pick up by 7:00 pm